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Robb Armstrong

Robb Armstrong – March 4th in African American History

March 4, 1962 Robb Armstrong, syndicated cartoonist and motivational speaker, was born in Wynnefield, Pennsylvania. Armstrong started drawing comics when he was three years old.

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Aaron Douglas – February 3rd in African American History

February 3, 1979 Aaron Douglas, painter and educator, died. Douglas was born May 26, 1899 in Topeka, Kansas. He developed an interest in art during his childhood. Douglas earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in 1922.

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William Ellisworth Artis

William Ellisworth Artis – February 2nd in African American History

February 2, 1914 William Ellisworth Artis, sculptor, was born in Washington, North Carolina. In the early 1930s, Artis studied sculpture and pottery at the Augusta Savage Studios.

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George Elliott Olden

George Elliott Olden – January 25th in African American History

January 25, 1975 George Elliott Olden, graphic designer and the first African American to design a United States postage stamp, died. Olden was born November 13, 1920 in Birmingham, Alabama, but raised in Washington, D.C. Olden excelled at art from a young age and while still in high school drew cartoons and served as Art […]

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Varnette Patricia Honeywood – December 27th in African American History

December 27, 1950 Varnette Patricia Honeywood, painter, writer, and businesswoman, was born in Los Angeles, California. Honeywood earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in art from Spelman College in 1972 and her Master of Science degree in education from the University of Southern California in 1974. As part of a community outreach program at USC, […]

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Charles White

Charles White – April 2nd in African American History

April 2, 1918 Charles White, graphic artist and educator, was born in Chicago, Illinois. White became interested in art by the age of seven and at 14 was working as a sign painter. White earned a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated in 1937. After graduation, he joined the Works Project Administration […]

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William Edouard Scott

William Edouard Scott – March 11th in African American History

March 11, 1884 William Edouard Scott, artist, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Scott lived in Chicago, Illinois from 1904 to 1909 and trained at the School of the Art Institute. Later, he moved to Paris, France where he continued his education and was able to build a reputation from himself more easily than his race […]

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