Groups of Interest

One of the many ways to help us understand the tremendous impact of our famous and most influential leaders is to look at their achievements throughout history.  The awards, the championships, the organizations that have been built by individuals are part of the legacy of these trailblazers.

African Americans have made their marks all around the world.  These great leaders have used their skills and talents to build communities, promote equality and become mentors to both the African American community and the world.

There are also many people who have changed and influenced our lives and received very little recognition.  A leader is not made by the awards or recognition they receive, they are driven by a passion.  A passion to make a change, to take the path less travelled and make it available for those behind them.  The “First” to do something is the leader, but it is the people who follow and push beyond to find new firsts and new paths who become the next leaders in an ever growing line of great leaders.

Once a leader has opened the doors, built the foundation, or set the records, it is up to a new generation to forge ahead.  Great leaders are born every day and we need to acknowledge their achievements, remember them and build on them.  History is built on the stories of individuals who may or may not know how much their contributions have impacted the generations to come.

The following groups of accolades are just a couple of ways that African American’s have been recognized for their works.

Academy Award Winners

Basketball Greats

Baseball Greats

Civil Rights Leaders

Football Greats

Golden Globe Winners

Grammy Award Winners

Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

NEA Jazz Masters

Olympic Greats