April 11th in African American History – William Anthony “Tony” Brown

William Anthony “Tony” BrownApril 11, 1933 William Anthony “Tony” Brown, journalist, talk show host and author, was born in Charleston, West Virginia.

Brown served in the United States Army from 1953 to 1955. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and sociology in 1959 and his Master of Social Work degree in 1961 from Wayne State University. In 1968, he joined Detroit’s public television station, WTVS, and soon became producer of the station’s first show specifically for African Americans, “CPT” or “Colored Peoples Time.”

In 1970, he was appointed executive producer and host of “Black Journal” which he continues to host as “Tony Brown’s Journal.” In 1985, Brown founded the Council for the Economic Development of Black Americans which encouraged blacks to patronize black-owned businesses that were committed to their community. In 1988, he wrote, directed, produced and distributed the film “The White Girl” which dealt with cocaine abuse.

Brown has written a number of books, including “Black Lies, White Lies: The Truth According to Tony Brown” (1995) and “What Mama Taught Me: The Seven Core Values of Life” (2003). USA Today has identified him as one of the top five U. S. experts on the status of African Americans.



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  1. patrick April 11, 2011 at 11:54 am #

    what is a conscious brother to do in a city of sheep, what is a brother to do, when he reaches out, to many A.A. groups, who in return don’t have the respect to even answer him, how long can a brother pin down is desire and need to be “apart” of something, to contain his pain, anger, fustration. what is a brother to do when he is degraded by whites and ignored by his own. what is a brother to do when the only time they listen is when he strikes out. what is a brother to do when he has nothing else to loose. what is a brother to do. ?

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